What is "Fired Down!"

Fired Down! is your favorite Trance/House/HiNRG/NuNRGY grooves played at a slothful tempo. It is a sort of cousin to Screw music and also originated from the streets of Houston. However Fired down! has an even more acute zoned-out, meditative quality due to less lyrical content and a more regular beat structure. Quite possibly the best music to drive to.

Extreme Animals: Fired Down! - Extreme Animals is the "hit or miss" band that creates high-energy REAL anthems. What better music to enter the RFDA Fired Down! Lab? This CDR contains your favorite EA songs all in one place and all at a slow speed.

"Live from the 713" Fired Down! LIVE (RFDA#14) - Recorded live on KTRU's electronic music show "MKultra" on a friday night.

Fired Down! (RFDA#12) - Slowed down pop house/trance music: “cool slumber rather than spaced-out euphoria.” Whatever, this is the best CD to drive real fast to. I-610, I-45, southwest freeway, 290.